Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Category: Prayers of a Sinner


I kneel at your feet.
Humbled to the floor.
My mountain of sin
shadows my soul.

Let me claw this skin raw.
Let me start anew.
Cleanse this heart.
With your perfect blood paid.

Draw me back into
your loving fold.
I’m done lying to myself.
No more smoke and mirrors.

Your breath warms my chest.
Your words strengthen my legs.
I will find peace
kneeling at your feet.



LORD have mercy on me.

I am trembling with my own sickness.

I willingly drink in poison, eager to grasp the cup

while I walk around as if without disease.

You know the truth.

Breathe your life into my lungs once again.

Burn your fiery spirit into veins.

Build me into a new man with a servant heart.

LORD have mercy on me.


There is no honor in a civil war.

No glorious and triumphant return.

Even if the right side wins, there’s still a long way to go.

I fall to the sweets that please my mouth but do not nourish my body.

I fall to the desires of the flesh while ignoring the needs of my soul.

I fall to the hypocrisy of my actions that do not follow the righteous words of my mouth.

I fall night after night into the dirty sheets of my bed.

I do not make it easy for my heart to beat.

I do not make it simple for my lungs to breathe

I can only pray that The LORD leads me back to the path that I have fallen away from.

That I stepped away from.

I stove for an unattainable victory and found nothing but defeat at every turn.

I can’t promise that I’ll be any better tomorrow than I was today.

I don’t know how far I’ve fallen.

Trials and Tribulations

LORD have mercy on me.

I come to you on my knees for the sake of others.

Your children are daily faced with the hatred and spite of this world.

You give each of us only the amount that we can handle.

I pray not for relief, but for a reminder of hope for all of your faithful.

I pray for hope and I pray for strength to lift our heads to it.

Your might is beyond our own.

I pray our love and fear for you will forever endure.

LORD have mercy on me.

Faith and Patience

LORD have mercy on me

I come to you weary as your servant

Your work fills me with joy and passion as I see your hand in my daily life

Please LORD give me patience and faith in your will that I may live each day according to it

Build me in your light and renew me with your vigor

I do not know where my path leads but I follow it willingly

Strengthen my heart and my feet as they follow where you lead

I truly desire your will

LORD have mercy on me



LORD have mercy on me

I am a terrible and broken sinner daily fallen at your feet

Lift me up LORD on wings of an eagle

Your son has given his body, blood, and life so that I may live forever with you

If it be your will LORD, let me fly high away from this fallen world

Also LORD, soothe and mend the heart of all those who are broken and hardened against you

I pray forever for their souls

You alone know the constant pain in my heart

LORD have mercy on me


LORD, have mercy on me.
My heart is heavy with pain.
The Son has relieved me of my sin but my pain is from the blind sin of others.
Soothe my heart oh LORD.
I pray the words that my Redeemer prayed on the cross.
Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.
LORD have mercy on me.


LORD, have mercy on me.
I try and I fail. I try again and I fail again.
I am to stuborn.
All I have to do is to be. Be your instrument.
Everything I do is wrong.
Anything right I do is not me. But it is you through me.
LORD, let your will be done through me.
My body, my soul, my voice is all yours.
Guide and direct me like a puppeteer.
Soothe my restless heart.
Open my eyes clamped shut.
Let your breath lift me into the sky.
I love you. Let me always love you.
Give me strength to love you and everybody with the same love that you have for us.
LORD have mercy on me.