Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Category: Haiku Experimentations


Foggy windows hold

Thoughts and hearts from unknown friends 

I find mine wiped clean



Clean tears blaze tracks through
miles of fire-hardened sin. Clear
proof of salvation.


Take my love before
It sours and transforms into
Stinging loneliness.

Cool Side (haiku)

The cool side of the
Pillow lures me deeper on.
I breathe in your rest.

Wonder (Haiku)

Sometimes I wonder

If my hands will ever be

filled by your warm heart.

Confidence – Haiku

Hold your head up high

lest you blind yourself within

the thick fog of doubt.

Haiku #1 (No longer an Experiment)

Working in the fear

of tomorrow’s mistakes is

just working backwards

Haiku Experiment #5 (Path)

Step by step the road

unfolds before the eyes of

each wandering child.

Haiku Experiment #4

I hear the whispers
In the dark from the resting
Lovers in warm arms

Haiku Experiment #3 Workhorse

I long to be the

bearer of all your weight when

your strength is no more.