Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: April, 2016


Am I allowed to ache to feel you wrapped up inside my embrace? 

Am I allowed to trap you in my arms like a fly caught in a web?

Am I allowed to send whispered love letters to your in acknowledging ears?

Am I allowed to tell you that I miss you even if you don’t say anything back? 

Am I allowed to let your silence break me? 

Am I allowed to let myself fall asleep early instead of waiting for a response that’s short and vague?

Would that be ok? 

Do I have your permission?

Am I allowed to miss you?


The things I’d tell you.

Oh boy, you’re a wild one. 

Your love is so blazingly hot that it’s corrosive.

You do not see the damage you deal until it’s done.

Fix fix fix until you can no longer lift the tools and you neglect yourself. 

If you asked me for advice, these are the things I’d tell you. 

Take a deep breath. 

You are of no use broken.

Stand up straight, but talk softer. 

 Love slower… If you can. 


A bird’s beauty is in their freedom, not their flight. 


I’ve forgotten the way it feels to hold on so tight you break. 

I don’t remember the addicting annoyance of long strands of her hair tickling my neck. 

I was reminded of the sensation of hot breath against my lips. 

I can no longer taste the salt of skin. 

There’s a hint of perfume on my bible. 

Sand slips through my fingers and I can no longer grasp the things I’ve forgotten. 



Vision blurs


Fire splits the sky from your maw. 


Claws dig into the soil. 


Muscles tense and launch you to destruction. 


You crash through. Concrete turns to dust. 


Lifeblood leaks from the cracks in your skin. 


Lights fade. 






The Words we Whisper

The words we whisper write a story that we wish we could tell with a full voice. 

Sweet tunes of truth harmonize in the quiet of empty halls, bouncing their song off of acoustic walls. 

The words we whisper lead us behind shut doors to find both dust and beauty hiding away. 

Would you like a secret? It costs only a minute of your time and an ounce of your trust. 

The words we whisper will warm one’s heart while breaking another into ever dazzling shards. 

Precious like diamonds, they dance on the floor as they slip through your fingers. 

The words we whisper hold more power than the words we shout…

Because the words we whisper, don’t always come out.