by Writer

The shadows look mysterious in the moment but they’re not. 

With a blink here and a quick slip back into reality there, all charm and excitement fades away. 

You see the dirty glasses, you smell the mold in the vents, and you’re reminded that you knew this all along. 

You made a mental note as you stepped over the thick protruding demarcation line separating right from wrong. 

Now you’ve had your fun, but it didn’t last. 

There was no depth in the sensation to be had down here. 

But you knew that fact all along. 

In fact, you’ve shaken your head at the poor souls who fell for the same trap that your sitting in now. 

You find yourself in no man’s land sitting in front of a mirror that shows your jagged teeth and your addicted eyes. 

Breath it away and be swept back to safety.

To comfort.

To that eternal euphoria 

To home.