Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: January, 2014


I won’t ask more than 200 times for you to love me.
If it takes more than that, you obviously are incapable or I unlovable.
Don’t test me.
I promise there will be no more.
There’s only one chance left before I let go and forget about you.
Please love me…
Well I guess once more couldn’t hurt.



Clean tears blaze tracks through
miles of fire-hardened sin. Clear
proof of salvation.


You slide in like a needle.

Spit venom like a snake.

Break my bones like a hammer.

You weigh me down like gravity itself.

Crush me without mercy.

Hold me like a vice.

You burn like a cigarette

and slash me open like a knife,

but ooh do you numb like Novocaine.


Take my love before
It sours and transforms into
Stinging loneliness.


Sometimes I feel I’m in a losing battle.

Our numbers are too few and the enemy too strong.

But ooh does The Father know me well.

It wouldn’t be fair if we were evenly matched.

The fuel to my fire is the pouring rain on a shitty day.

He has given me both the will and the way.

He has made no rut too deep or wind too strong to keep me from moving forward.

The fight lives in me like the sun is hot.

And when the sun has frozen and all “odds” are against me,

with fire on my breath I will say, “Bring it.”

Cool Side (haiku)

The cool side of the
Pillow lures me deeper on.
I breathe in your rest.


Your breath on my cheek feels like

the warm breeze on an summer’s night.

Your voice in the air sounds like

the bright melody of a bluebird’s song.

The back of your hand to my lips tastes like

sweet honey in a hot cup of tea.

Your heart to my ear feels like

the steady waves of the sea rocking me to sleep.

You feel like home

and I’ve not been home in a long time.



So much passion and nowhere to put it.

I’m a pen above paper

quivering on the verge of a decision.

I’m the color gray in the fog

covering a beautiful scenery.

It’s there but you can’t see it.

Neither can I.

Not yet.

I’m just running around the track

race paced,

I’m counting miles but seeing the




Aiming to take on the world

with one tongue tied behind my back.

And there’s not a word in the world I can utter.

I can only splutter.

If only my mouth, my head, and my heart

weren’t filled with all of this



I am my own worst enemy

Through closed eyes I cannot see

You call and call, yet I turn from thee

I bite the hand bringing life to me

I hold my breath, yet I long to breathe

I pray for calm, but I boil and seethe

My self made snare hangs from a tree

I am my own worst enemy.