The First

by Writer

Why was I nervous.

I don’t get nervous.

I perform on stages in front of hundreds, and

She’s just one girl.

I knew what I wanted to happen.

Innocent intentions.

Just a kiss.

The first.

My first.

All of it was new.

I like new, but

It makes me nervous.

I finally brought it up.

I couldn’t just go in for the kiss.

That would have been rude.

I needed to make my intentions clear.

Know she didn’t mind.

A mutual agreement.

Even after I brought it up I tried to change the subject.

I was nervous.

Luckily she got tired of my babbling.


My lips weren’t ready.

Didn’t anybody tell them what was going on?

They were stiff,


I was nervous.

Her not so much.

But it was over.

Not exactly brilliant.

She had done this before.

I felt like an idiot.

A child that was out of his league.

But I’m a quick learner.

Number 2 and 3 were much better.