by Writer

Close enough to feel the brilliant radiance of your

heat and beauty.

Close enough to taste your sweet breath.

To breathe you in.

Your hand gripping the nape of my neck.

Anchoring me to all that is important in this world.

Before I drift away

In the complete contentedness that is your touch.

The weight of your body reminds me.

Reminds me that I am not alone.

That my world does not have to revolve around me.

It can revolve around us

and this moment.

You smell like fresh citrus.

You taste like sweet honey.

Your lips are velvet.

Your hair cascades over us,

sheltering us from the cruel world outside.

Not that we’d pay it any attention anyways.

Not when I can feel you,

feel your heartbeat in my chest.

We are not two,

but one

Hold me tighter and don’t ever let go.

Lest I drift away to the sun,

in your kiss.