Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: December, 2013

Wonder (Haiku)

Sometimes I wonder

If my hands will ever be

filled by your warm heart.



I’m not one to be definitive about “favorite” things.

Not bands, songs, movies, or dates.

My favorites come and go like the tides.

But lately,

my favorite word has been


I imagine a shining light that almost hurts to look at,

but is too beautiful to look away.

Something that sucks you in, but instead of taking from you, it gives.

Gives you hope,




Something that is so profound that you can never know it truly,

Like a book that never ends, therefore never leaving you in withdrawals.

Never leaving  you lost.

A view.

A story.

A person.

An idea.

Simply brilliant.


Drift into the setting sun.

Sailing forth in a drunken stupor.


Like velvet fingertips.

The weight is lifted.

You are free again.

It may be quick.

It may be lengthy.

Enjoy it either way.

Close your eyes but do not stop seeing.

Slip into your dreams until reality is once again upon you.

But it is not upon you yet.

Until then.

Drift into the setting sun.


Is that not the freshest air you’ve ever tasted?

Does it not wash the years away with every breath?

Does it not prove, without a doubt, the strength of our Creator’s love?

Does it not open your eyes?

Are you not awoken from your slumber?

Why do you breathe in a cloud of dust,

when life is at your lips?

Love is at your door.

It is knocking and it wants to come in.

Strives to revive you.

Yearns to fill your lungs.







His driveway sits empty except

for the untouched snow that has fallen since.

On his empty door hangs an empty wreath.

His empty window filled with Christmas decorations

keeps the cold out of an empty room.

But it is cold.

As cold as the ice that hangs off his empty eaves.

In the heat of the moment he left.

I’m afraid there’s hell to pay.

Do the neighbors down the street know he’s gone?

Does the mailman know he won’t be there to pick up his gifts?

Do the lights on the tree know that he will never turn them on again?

I know.

His friends know.

His family knows.

The LORD knows.

And we all wish it weren’t so.

Wish that where he used to be

didn’t feel so



This poem is about suicide and how it effects us all. Even the people one wouldn’t think of at the time. We must remember the countless brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends, and strangers that we have lost to this deadly disease in order to not let our grip slip on those we still have with us. Show love whenever the chance is present. Love is the only cure.


I think to a point, life is like breathing. Just as it is impossible to continue inhaling without exhaling, it is impossible to move forward without letting go of the past.

Confidence – Haiku

Hold your head up high

lest you blind yourself within

the thick fog of doubt.

Haiku #1 (No longer an Experiment)

Working in the fear

of tomorrow’s mistakes is

just working backwards


Show me your growl.

Send a tremor through their bones.

Don’t let them doubt you for a second.

Show me your claws.

Dig into what you want.

No one can steal it from your grasp.

Show me your mane.

Soft, thick, and glorious.

Your majestic glow leaves a trace of warmth in the air.

Show me your strength.

Muscles tight and rippling beneath the surface.

An ever-beating heart pushes fire through your veins.

Show me your teeth.

Sink into my flesh.

A bite that can tease or kill.

Show me your stalk.

Lie low to the ground unseen.

They won’t know you’re there until the trap is set.

Show me your beast.

Some dream for princes and princesses.

But I need the love of an animal.


So much depends


the small flickering


ablaze with living


In an otherwise blind



*This is a tribute to a poem written by William Carlos Williams ” The Red Wheelbarrow”.