Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: November, 2013


Right hand frozen in a death grip

Protecting that fools gold gold gold

Gotta get that money money money

Wanna feel that body body body

Never give a fuck fuck fuck

After all, we only live once once once

Don’t you dare touch my pride pride pride

But be care of our feelings feelings feelings

Left had dropping things as you go

We’re loosing our faith faith faith

Is this love? I’m not sure sure sure

Does anybody have time for patience patience patience?

Cant be humble, they’ll see my weakness weakness weakness

Control of all except our self self self

His words are fading out out out

Grace was left on the shelf shelf shelf



Why hold back?

Why do you linger in my mind begging to leave, but not walk through the door I have opened?

I give you free rein.

In return I receive the pain of your voice ringing in my ears.

You lie.

Give it up.

You’re helping no one.