Fade Away

by Writer

You make my blood run hot like magma

coursing under the skin and

catching fire on my breath.

Even your voice makes me have to

hold back the angry whip in my heart

dying to lash back at your heathen vomit.

But I will not falter.

“For anger resides in the laps of fools.”

This too shall fade.

So with every breath

your voice will become faint to my ears.

With every stroke through the water

I will drift you farther away.

With every running step

He will build a new calm within me.

And soon my anger will become

the reflection of your headlights

through my rear-view mirror

shining a mask of light over my face

when all else is dark.

You will not feed off of my anger.

But rather you will starve on my tranquility

until you can no longer resist His life giving words

and your old Adam will fade away.