Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: October, 2013

Fade Away

You make my blood run hot like magma

coursing under the skin and

catching fire on my breath.

Even your voice makes me have to

hold back the angry whip in my heart

dying to lash back at your heathen vomit.

But I will not falter.

“For anger resides in the laps of fools.”

This too shall fade.

So with every breath

your voice will become faint to my ears.

With every stroke through the water

I will drift you farther away.

With every running step

He will build a new calm within me.

And soon my anger will become

the reflection of your headlights

through my rear-view mirror

shining a mask of light over my face

when all else is dark.

You will not feed off of my anger.

But rather you will starve on my tranquility

until you can no longer resist His life giving words

and your old Adam will fade away.



I’ve become a cautious man.

And it doesn’t bother me

that I like to sit with my back in the corner

to watching everybody that comes in,

or goes out.

That I constantly look around

when I walk in crowded streets,

following their hands with my eyes.

That I don’t like to get drunk

because who else is gonna take care

of everybody else.

I’ve become a cautious man,

but that’s ok.


Lull me to sleep
With the warm voice
Of a bow drawn over
The strings of a cello

The day is done
The clothes are on the floor
The sky is dark
And the bed is soft

Carry me away
Into dreams
That are better
Than what tomorrow holds.

Let me fall deeply
In love with the embrace
Of this nighttime
And put my world to rest.


Step into the light
Feel the warmth on your cold, cold skin
Your thick curtains are heavy chains
And they keep the truth from getting in.

You are scared, this I know
But your curtains keep out
Just as much as they keep in
Letting you soak within your doubt.

Let the roles be reversed
That you can find
Shelter in the light from
What you once hid behind.

One-way Conversation

Grab the book

You’re stalling

There is life in the Word

And there’s death in your bones

It’s an easy choice

He is you friend when you cannot bear to plague your others

The poison in your blood will harm him none

Stop thinking you’re so high and mighty

You’re in the same boat as everybody else

To think that you’ve better makes you worse


Settle down

Grab the book


You didn’t hear what they said.

You didn’t hear the things they whispered behind my back.

You didn’t feel the disgust in their eyes piercing my my skin.

It burned a wildfire in my chest.

Its okay to be laughed at if you know they don’t mean it.

But they meant it.

They meant it to hurt.

Things are different now.

The ridicule that once came from others,

now just comes from the mirror.