Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: September, 2013

The important things

A strong jaw

a calm voice

a warm heart

the right choice

good company

with lots of laughter

is a worthy thing

to be sought after.

When times are tough

it has been shown

that a strong faith

and backbone

will serve you well

and see you through

to morning’s light

and shining dew.

And always remember

that family

is not just in blood

but rather who we see

when we close our eyes

and we’re all alone

those lovely souls

that are our home.

Now live your life

without worry

about choosing the right

when the paths are blurry.

Don’t be distracted by what

this fallen world brings

because these are the

important things.


Self Destruct

See the things that need fixing.

Envy the person that you could be.

Look in the mirror and see the person you hate.

Find unfulfilling comfort in the temporary.

Decide you’re not worth the fight.

Expect perfection from your imperfection.

Sever your self from His holy word.

Turn away from His forgiving grace.

Relive your worst moments.

Use only the means that are comfortable.

Control everything.

This is the guide to self destruct.


Breathe in the words you want to speak

Discover how they taste

Enough sweet to make them cling tight

But speak only from the truth

Feel the electricity in your fingertips

The same life that flows through your veins

Will soon grace the keys that lies beneath them

The music will shine of your youth

Let the melody carry you to bliss

While the harmony heals your aching bones

There is no danger in this rest

His voice is ever smooth.