Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: August, 2013


Dull lamp posts’ glow highlight the cracks in our skin

while the roses bleed the clear tears of the coming morn.

Time speeds too quickly through the dreams of the resting

but will leave them slightly less broken when they wake.

The guardians and healers stand and watch

waiting to fix whatever wrongs the night brings.

It is not a shift that is full of flash and glory

but it’s importance is equal with the rest.

This is the time when either the owls will find their prey,

or the mouse will find it’s hole.

Stars shine with their unmatched wonder

at a time when nobody is there to witness.

Homes may not buzz with energy and life, but it exists

ever flowing under the surface as the clock hand strikes



Hair Cut

Only bare skin is left on my head and neck

With exception to the multitude of fine hairs that even now grow

Offering less and less resistance to the touch as they increase in length the higher you go

Until finally at the top they feel like velvet

Only better

These are the wealth and riches in this life

These are the wonders and glory

Wealth is not in the money

It is not in the things

The riches are in our senses

The glory is in the love

And the wondrous things that are our spirits

I would choose the hand of a loved one gripping the curve of my neck

as if that spot was made for that sole purpose

over any amount of money that exists on the earth

I would choose to hear a beautiful heartfelt song

once and be tortured by never hearing it again

than to have more material things than I need.

So let a prayer be said that we may all become rich

in a wealth that will never run out

And we will never have too much.

Out of My League

A person will forever exist

Who will be positively charged to your negatively charged eyes

Who holds the power

The power to make you want them

The power to make you strive for better things

The power to trample your heart without the slightest effort

In complete ignorance

Because you’re just another drop in the sea

You’re just a blurred face in the crowd

And they will always be dancing out of your reach. 

Not Sure

Too long it’s been since sweet velvet has touched your lips.

When was the last time someone held you like you were the only thing in the world?

Why do these cravings keep rapping at my door?

This thunderous beast with the wings of a dove.

Drag my heart down to the ocean floor.

I will not drown in your absence.

But rather breathe in your hopeful arrival.