by Writer

Everything is rhythm

From beginning to end we sway and rock

Push and pull

Crescendo and decrescendo

Quicken and slow

We start out so new

So fresh and so clean

Knowing nothing of the world

Not knowing how to walk

Or the meaning of our mother’s word

Years pass and we’re on our feet

Running break neck speeds

Emitting laughter and screams

Chasing after danger

And mixing reality with our dreams

We start to learn day by day

That life’s not so simple

Times aren’t always so nice

One day we’ll have to make mistakes

And later pay the price

Suddenly we know everything in the book

We’re truly infallible

Invincible with our hard heads

Overbearing parents

And comfortably warm beds

We grow into our skin and our bones

We look just like adults

We don’t need their help anymore

It’s time to move out

Time to close the door

But life is different on the outside

There’s no pulse like home

Greater appreciation comes with each dawn

The time ticks away

Before they’re gone

Now its time to find a match to your pulse

Someone to fill the gaps

With time, two will become one

Love rises with the dawn

And shines like the sun

You’re love grows into a pulse of its own

So new and so clean

Everything they know will be from you

You have to protect

And love them too

As they grow they become your mirror

Made of your best and your worst

You have to teach them to live without you

Because the time will come

No matter what you do

The day the pulse of your parents and theirs

That beats steady in your heart

Will escape the confines of your chest

To continue on in your child

Your worst and your best.