Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: May, 2013


She loves the air out on the coast

It fills her lungs up to the brim

And she’s the one I adore the most

But I am nothing compared to him

He is the wind that moves the waves

The breeze that charms her soul

It is his breath that her heart craves

His kiss that makes her whole

He gives her gifts of gold and pearls

But she does not understand

That as he breathes and her sail unfurls

My heart buries deeper in the sand

Is the battle lost? How my hope has thinned

I cannot make her glass eyes shine

How can a man compete with the wind?

How can I ever make her mine?


Long-haired Lover

Her hair flows through my fingers like a flash flood.

For that brief moment my hands are healed.

The aches and pains are lost in the rush.

Its a new pleasure every time.

My heart cadence explodes a pulse through my skin.

The air smells of spring time after the last winter ever.

It could carry me away, if it hasn’t already.

No need to see, only to feel.

To feel my long-haired lover as if to memorize her.

Might take a while…

Might take forever…

I hope it does.


Sleep has betrayal on it’s breath

It toys with my heart and my mind

As I’m drawn to it for rest

“I really miss you” she said

And I believed it

But now I am awake

And I know better

It’s a dull pain knowing

That those words were never true

That they never even left your lips

Only in my dream

A cruel dream.


The shield you cower behind is your self-made cage.
Your sense of adventure is behind the next page.
The windows seem so dangerously thin.
You hope they don’t crack and let the cold in.
You do have a goal to move toward.
But fear won’t move you forward.
What if sunset is not followed by dawn?
What if you have nothing to fall back on?
Is your nakedness your demon cell?
Your bars of discretion do not suit you well.