Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: April, 2013

Breve y Simple

No te preocupes

Sera breve y simple

No como una gran novela

Con amor y guerra

Pero como una taza de té

Con calor y miel

Como un beso rapido

O una siesta despues almuerzo

No mas

No menos

Breve y simple.



It could be a privilege

It could be a burden.

It is what you make it.

It’s learning how to live alone.

Learning how to succeed with nobody else pushing you.

Learning to fall asleep with out the comfort of another body.

Learning to always keep a second opinion in your head.

Learning not to be impatient with the process.

A self discovery.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

It can make or break you.



I used to wish that one day you would hear my voice come out of the jukebox.

Then you could climb up my box stairs and confess how wrong you were.

But I’m older and boxier now.

Not nearly as distracted by the flashy image of the plastic boxes.

I need a box sturdier than cardboard for the rain.

A box lighter than concrete for the pain.

A box foggier than glass for the shame.

I’m going to bathe in the breath of the wind through this box house.

But I’m not gonna shed my wet box tears.

Not for the likes of a box that doesn’t pay any mind to the one that loves them.

Who am I kidding.

Yes I will.


Hanging upside-down

What’s my name again?

I wish I had forgotten

I wish you hadn’t touched me with your poison skin

Is this incurable and fatal

My bones are growing too fast for my skin

I’d like to tear it away

Remove the itch

Sink my teeth into something just right

Not too easy and not too tough

Your presence is like holding a snowflake with warm hands

You melt away leaving only thirst

And the memory

Of what could be.