Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: March, 2013


Let your eyes throw glances in whichever way they please.

Your mind is as fickle as the shifting breeze.

Your steps are confident with steady knees.

But your breath does not hold a sound.

Cool in, hot out, electrify the air.

I know you feel my observant stare.

But I will not detect a care

upon your laughing lips.

Your skin is still as the room trembles.

The king summons and the crowd assembles.

He knows not what to the people your presence resembles.

Your beauty can free us all.

It’s not a kiss I need, or a fling I seek.

I lay down my coat, staying bowed and meek.

Maybe we could perhaps just speak.

Let my words caress you now.


The Anatomy and Mindset of a Cornerman

He’s got the kind of eyes that absorb much but show little.

His face will contort to whichever shape desired, regardless of emotion.

His shoulders are a steady platform on which to rest the worries of the world.

He highlights his own faults but forgives the faults of others.

Party on, the alcohol will not pleasure his lips.

No, it will not hide his sorrows from his mind.

He’ll make you smile because it makes him smile.

The warmer he can make your heart, so also will his be.

Sometimes you don’t know he’s there until he’s gone.

And though he does get angry, he won’t let it free. Not like he used to.

Because whether you’re in the middle of it or to the side,

He will always be your cornerman.


I’m not sure how long or how short this will be but I’m sure I’ll know by the end.

Today I’m going to talk about attraction. What is attraction? According to dictionary.com attraction is, “a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure”. I think I can agree with that. For the most part. But is it just pleasure that “it” provides? I’m not so sure. When most people think of attraction they might think of the game of wooing the opposite sex. For a physicist, the thought of magnetic attraction might pop up. But I am no physicist, nor do I particularly want to be. I want to talk about attraction on a much more personal level.

Picture this. Picture the epitome of an attractive person according to you in your head. You don’t have to tell me, which means you don’t have to lie or embellish it into a more agreeable picture. Be completely honest with yourself. What are their characteristics? Physicality, smell, what does their voice sound like, nationality, profession, wants and wishes, etc… I can picture this woman quite well in my mind. I’m not 100% sure on every detail because I obviously have not been exposed to every possible characteristic that our LORD’s creation has to offer, but I still have a pretty good outline of what I enjoy. I also think that this model person is ever changing. Eventually I believe that this ever changing picture will one day come to rest as a single form

As we live our lives, we continue to see, speak with, interact with, and hear about new people every day. Constantly uploading information into the memory bank. We pick out things we like and things we don’t like and add them to their respective folders. This is what causes our epitome of attraction to continue changing. But there’s a problem. Attraction can be a tool used for both sides of the battle.

My theory is this. The trick to making attraction work for your benefit rather than your down fall, is to make your attraction dynamic rather than one dimensional. I say dynamic instead of two, three, or four dimensional because i have no idea how deep attraction can go. I only know of its shallowness. If you want an example of how extremely shallow attraction can be just turn a the TV and watch a few commercials. That is what commercials are all about. Luring your one dimensional attraction into buying their product. Not all commercials are such blood-sucking fiends, but there are more than I’d comfortably like. Usually the first level of our attraction starts with what we see. Humans are very visual creatures therefore leaving this sense as our primary perception. Maybe next (if we make it to the next step) we might take in how their voice sounds or how they smell. This is where people get tricked. All has been well up to par so you stop taking interest into the deeper levels of attraction leaving you open like a target on a range, unable to move itself out of the line of fire. Here’s another example of an evil side of attraction. Maybe the first level was not good at all so you move on and completely miss out on great characteristics deeper than just visual and physical. Sure maybe the person isn’t for you but they have valuable qualities none the less. If you don’t put in the effort to find those qualities you will A. Never experience those qualities therefore limiting your outlook and potential and B. Give that person the impression that those qualities are not important and causing them to be ashamed of them.

I think what I’m trying to get at is this. Do not put a limit on your attraction. In doing so you are placing that limit on both yourself and on other people. We all have something valuable inside us. If we didn’t… we wouldn’t exist.


Pale skin

like porcelain

Your gaze fixed on something unknown to me

Is it the floor?

Or maybe the glass?

The mirror that shows you’re made of plas-

tic toc

You listen to the clock

All day long you hear it mock

because it’s the closest thing

this world can bring

that could ever sing

like the beat of a heart

And you know that I could never love you

because your touch would be cold

You would not move unless told

You have no will and no feeling, there for you could never see the ceiling as it sits right above you. You cannot look up or look down. You’re stuck where you’re at leaving our future to be dim. You could never see within.

i cannot love you mannequin.


Get up

Do not drop your head or close your eyes

Its game time and something is on the line

So what if you struck out

Its no time to drop out

That’s what they want and you cant give it to them

You must absolutely refuse

Maybe you’re tired

Maybe you’re sore

Maybe you’ve got sand in all the wrong places

Tough shit

You were made for this

Your situation wouldn’t exist if you weren’t

He gives you no more than you can handle

And you’re going to do just that

Handle it

Doesn’t have to be graceful or pretty

But you need to get the job done

Somebody’s life depends on it

Maybe a stranger’s life

Maybe a loved one’s life

Maybe your own life

Either way there is only one correct option

Get up

Haiku Experiment #5 (Path)

Step by step the road

unfolds before the eyes of

each wandering child.