Tranquility Smile

There’s a lot to hold in this one

Its a death sentence for the lazy of heart

But it is time for this wave to crest and break

The ones stuck in the undertow should have known it was coming

They should have know that this tranquility smile is something practiced

Not a flippant expression to be underestimated

Its the card I play when seeming uncomfortable is not an option

Only to be worn when situations become sandpaper but need to run smoothly

Its not an impenetrable shield no matter how it seems

Attack with your knife words and your hurtful blows

This tranquility smile will not falter

The LORD fuels the strength to push on as I turn the other cheek

Your spiteful battle is already lost

You will see no wounds.

But its not always a facade for my enemies downfall

Its a safety net when I don’t quite know how to feel

Its a cushion for the ones I love who need comfort from something strong

Friend or foe, don’t hold back

I will take what you give me.