by Writer

The sidewalk splashes liquid silver as the clouds wring their towels above the heads of the dried out and weathered.

Our skin was like leather.

But now we’re together again since our last meeting.

I hear your heart’s thunderous beating.

I can feel it like my hand’s on your chest.

I bring all my love to invest in this spectacular mess.

Drench me.

Your eyes glistening.

Quench me.

I’m silently listening.

I hear the applause from the ground as your raindrops pound.

I adore that sweet sound.

And that smell.

Ah that smell.

It’s like heaven after traversing hell.

It fits you quite well.

I could drown in your storm and be perfectly fine, just so long as I know that your heart is now mine.

I’ll be soaked to the bone.

I will not face this life alone.

Your storm is my home.