Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: January, 2013

Flow-y Skirt

Dressed in a flow-y skirt

She makes my skin hot

Dancing on her tip toes

The air around me is burning

I’d be quite content to die right here

A full breath of her

That scent

Dressed in a flow-y skirt

Nothing more

Just light fabric brushing on the skin

Maybe I could try her on

Dance her to bed for a night

Make sure she stays nice and warm

Dressed in a flow-y skirt

She makes my skin hot


Haiku Experiment #4

I hear the whispers
In the dark from the resting
Lovers in warm arms


We all need it

It’s not always easy to find

Sometimes we hate it

And sometimes we just need a day that is full of it

The absence of it can be both beauty and tragedy

The hot headed need as much as they can get

While the broken and oppressed are better without it

It’s present between every heart beat

It lingers between every note

It clears the mind

It marks the beginning of some things

And the death of others

I gladly accept the fact that

Following my last breath

There it will be



Maybe I’m not as smart as I think I am.

But how would I know?

Maybe I’ve gotten cocky.

Bitten off more than I can chew.

Maybe my strength will fail me.

I’d crumble to the ground.

Maybe I’ll give up.

There’s a first time for everything.

Maybe I’ll let everybody down.

They’d see my sand slip through their fingers.

Maybe people think I’m a joke.

They’ve been laughing this whole time.

Maybe I care.

Though I shouldn’t, I know.

Maybe I’m crazy.

And I’ve been wrong this whole time.

Maybe I’m not the man I think I am.

But then again…

Maybe it’s all in my head.

Small Hours

In these small hours

amazing things happen

though most are fast asleep

dreaming of everything they hope of and fear

In these small hours

some hold tight to their coffee mugs

studying the knowledge of the world

Just for the chance to make it somewhere

In these small hours

dogs send their love songs to the moon

inebriated by her beauty

Lucky is the dog to entrance her

In these small hours

lovers explore the bodies of one another

searching for freedom in the arms of each other

lights are not needed here

In these small hours

hours feel like minutes

minutes feel like seconds

and the heart’s feeling is amplified for better of for worse

In these small hours

street lamps tell stories when nobody’s looking

no warmth falls down from their breath

just the illumination of truth otherwise hidden in the dark

In these small hours

people live and die

In these small hours

I live

Street lamp


I have what I have

and that is all I can give

I cannot speak for the married

I am as single as the earth’s only moon

I cannot lead for the frail

My flesh is still fresh like a glacier stream

I cannot breathe for the famous

My name is not a billboard

I cannot sing for the couples under the sheets

This virgin body has not met another

I can only play for the restless

My hairs raise and my soul shivers

I can only dance with the passionate

Springs of conviction feed into this growing river

I can only lie with the broken

This smile is a trick of the eye

I can only laugh with the naive

as my experience leads me the only direction it knows

Haiku Experiment #3 Workhorse

I long to be the

bearer of all your weight when

your strength is no more.

Trials and Tribulations

LORD have mercy on me.

I come to you on my knees for the sake of others.

Your children are daily faced with the hatred and spite of this world.

You give each of us only the amount that we can handle.

I pray not for relief, but for a reminder of hope for all of your faithful.

I pray for hope and I pray for strength to lift our heads to it.

Your might is beyond our own.

I pray our love and fear for you will forever endure.

LORD have mercy on me.

Haiku Experiment #2

Give me Pleasure or

give me pain, but don’t ignore

the reason I’m here.

Haiku experiment #1

What if I told you

That this was written on the

foggy shower glass