by Writer

When you feel the world’s ice, paint me red and I’ll love your worries away

My anger will not spill inside

When you need to be distracted paint me yellow because I’m an attention freak

Let me shine in your spotlight

When things look too bleak paint me green and give me life

Heal me with that brush of yours

When you’re cornered and boxed in paint me blue and I’ll be your sky

Let me rain down and soak your bones

When your hairs on your neck raise paint me white and clear my eyes

I’ll keep the darkness at bay

When your enemies outnumber your friends paint me orange and fierce

Nothing will break my will

When you don’t know what to expect around the next turn paint me grey and feel secure

I will not surprise you with my antics

I need your brush as you need my color so paint me how you wish

But do not paint me black