Wait it Out

by Writer

Everybody wants to be written in a love song

To be truly accepted for right and for wrong

Everyone wants to be painted in a poem

To have someone describe and prove that they know them

We all want to be somebody’s valentine

To be the reason we see the other smile all the time

I can’t be the only love song writer

I can’t be the only loneliness fighter

I can’t be the only one with a crush

The only one craving another heart’s touch

Am I the only fool looking for someone to hold

Someone to help me keep out and drive away the cold

Just looking for a woman to keep me steady and grounded

Because my demons have me tired, outnumbered, and surrounded

I constantly search and try to coax a smile

but it’d be nice to be chased every once in a while.

They say, “You’re still young.”

But still my bell has been rung

My youth doesn’t change my hearts hunger for love

I’m still just one waiting for the second dove

So I daily pray for an end to this bitter drought

I guess I have no other choice but to wait it out