Writings of a Sinner

For all sin and fall short of the glory of God

Month: October, 2012


There’s frost on the railings that wasn’t there a month ago.

There are brown leaves on the ground that once grew a vibrant green from the trees above them.

The chilled breeze is a bitter acquaintance, not the warm love it used to be.

A new reminder of winter’s coming presence is born daily.

The sun’s love once lingered through the night causing an affection for waking hours.

Now the day’s chills drive me to the comfort of the bedding.

It’s time to secure the seal on the windows and doors.

Time to give the furnace a check up.

I refuse to wake up to a frigid heart.

I refuse to bare my soul, inviting the frost to bite.

I will not lose my traction on the ice yet to come.

The winter will not take me.

I will not be less when it’s over than I am now.

It is time to winterize.



The most beautiful things are the ones you’re most afraid will break.

The wrong touch in the wrong place could destroy that unbearable distraction before your eyes.

The wrong note in the right piece can tear a world apart.

The wrong words can make that beautiful being walk straight out of your life through the same door they came in through.

But know that it is better to attempt such greatness and fail miserably than to never attempt at all.

Do not cower behind the failures that might be.

Do not neglect to ask in fear of a negative reply.

Success is worked for, not given for nothing.

But that is not what this is about.

This is about the small things on the brink of disaster.

A new born child is a prime example of beauty in fragility.

The ratio of things that can harm a newborn compared to helping it is easily 1,000,000 to 1.

In that sheer frailty is strength.

In that tenderness is a smooth and sturdy comfort.

There is no shield for that child to hide behind.

No fail safe helmet that will protect it from harm.

The child has everything to loose.

That is the fact that makes it beautiful.

That is why we long to embrace the things we’re most afraid to destroy.

I will always cherish that which is fragile.