by Writer

A soft kiss on the lips brings me quick to the tips of my toes.

I’ve been aching yet never forsaking the love we’ve been holding and molding together.

Just kiss me forever.

Promise never to sever the passion to grow this budding heart that we know will lead us more to conclusions than hopeless confusions that play with our thoughts in our head and our heart.

It’s only the start.

And we’re so far apart.

Not in spirit, but distance.

We surely need assistance from the Father above as we push and we shove through the crowds of unbelievers and persistent deceivers who pray for our damnation as we pray for their salvation.

God bless their souls

We’re kindling coals with the air from our lungs left from the songs that we’ve sung with triumphant voices as we raise our hands to the cheek of the other.

I’ll gaze at my lover and tell her I miss her and I can’t wait to kiss her in day or in night.

In darkness or in light.

Preferably darkness.

So my hands can explore what my eyes have seen before.

Possibly more.

I’m not keeping score, but if I were, we’d be winning the battle between waiting and sinning, because we know whats at stake.

We’ve got promises, rules, and hearts we could break.

But we wont.

We are strong.

We’ve already chosen to not even stick our toes in what we know to be wrong.

Not until marriage of course

Then we’ll dive in.

Only with a ring will the waters be purified of sin.

But until then my head will just spin as I breathe you in.

When I first touch your skin.