by Writer

This is where I come. This is where I am safe from all sad, violent, sinful, deadly thoughts. My sanctuary has a grand piano sitting next to large windows that look out to an evergreen forest. On the walls are wooden shelves filled with The Bible, various books of both fact and fiction, and thousands of musical scores. Music of my choosing vibrates in the air without a stereo system. In my sanctuary is a punching bag for when I find myself wanting to tear the world apart. There is a cup of hot earl grey tea mixed with honey sitting on the window seal of this secluded cabin. The air out side is the freshest air ever and fills my lungs with life, ambition, relaxation, and love. This is where I come when I am angry, happy, sad, tired, disappointed, wanting, uncomfortable, or undecided. This is where I come when I need someone to hold. This is where I come when I have been torn apart and it’s time to build back up. This is where The LORD gives me strength to continue on. The weights that chain me to the ground evaporate as soon as I step in the large doorway. There is no ceiling to my sanctuary, giving my wings free reign of the sky. Nobody can enter except for me and The LORD. This is where I come