by Writer

I’m addicted to a lie
My smile says that I am happy but my heart says that I am broken
I wear skin soaked in a cologne that portrays pleasure
But underneath there’s still flesh, blood, and a tortured soul
I’ve worked for years to perfect this mask for times like these
Nobody likes a downer
Nobody loves the outcast
Emotions are overrated
Heart breaks have been banned
Inside I hope for the day that someone will catch my lie
The days I don’t have to hide grow few
I know these people around me but they cannot know me 
I wont let them
I forbid them
I put it down when I’m alone
But keep it close in case somebody knocks on my door
My mask slips off when I’m dreaming
But it’s definitely not on purpose
There’s still hope that one day my mask will break and I won’t have to rebuild it.
But I know I’ll wake up tomorrow and don my mask.